Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I win the internet...

I don't know who brought the glorious Pinterest into my life, but it is an amazing time suck of awesome.  As a result of this website, I've started using a lot of baskets in my home decor and I bake a lot of things in unconventional appliances.  There are wins (energy bites) and losses (do not try to make a regular t-shirt into a sporty tie t-shirt unless it is a GIANT shirt) Here is a list of some of my triumphs and failures.

The most important category, of course.

1.  Baking things in mugs: the brownie beats the cookie but only if you have ice cream because the brownie doesn't really cook through but tastes great.  The cookie in a mug I tried tasted weird and rubbery so I gave it to the Doctor who smothered it with milk and was very happy.  WIN!

2.  Brownies in a waffle iron: do not try unless you want to be scraping burned brownie scraps off your waffle iron and sadly, still eating them.  LOSE.

3.  Eggless cookie dough!  There's the healthy hummus one which is very good when you want to rationalize that you're eating healthy.  Super good on apple slices and those fancy graham crackers.  And then there's the delicious one which is just cookie dough without eggs or baking soda.  You can reduce the recipe to single serving.  Good plain or with ice cream.  WIIIIIIN
om nom.

4.  Soft coconut oil sugar cookies.  Because coconut oil is cool.  WIN

5.  Brownies with caramel:
Huge LOSE.  They do not look like the picture and they just become wet, unfinished brownie smush.  So...win? 

Now I'm hungry.

HOME STUFF and entertaining
I have one of those...homes.  And here's what I've learned from the internet!

1.  Use a stand for toiletries:
Lose.  My toiletries aren't so cute and monochromatic and don't really fit on the stand.  Also my stand is silver which tarnishes like crazy.  So I have this stand in my bathroom with one bobby pin on it.  

2.  Wrap canisters in paper for cookies or gift boxes.  SUPER WIN!  These are the ones I made last year:
3.  ALL THE BASKETS!  Baskets are my favorite.  I am so my mother.  

4.  Closet organization.  More baskets.  And:

For cleaning.  Or toys for future child.

5.  Parties!
Two wins: Hang balloons from the ceiling:

Take different sized cookie cutters and make a hanging garland:
From awesome NYE partay.

Food that is not completely sugar based.  

1.  Delicious summer app:  Strawberry bruschetta:
REAL PHOTO:  Baguette.  Goat cheese or mascarpone, basil, strawberries, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar.  YUM WIN.  

2.  Crock pottery!
Bolognese: meh
Minestrone: YAY (but Mark Bittman's is the same and just as good and I love him)
Tomato Basil Cheesy Soup: RICH but win 

3.  Baked zucchini salty goodness I ate in one sitting.  For real healthy.  I promise.  Win.

There are so many things I have YET to try.  Is it a waste of time if it's THE MOST FUN EVER?!

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